Perseverance is Priceless

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This is the 5th chapter of

“Synchronicity: A Divinely Orchestrated Journey”

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Chapter 5
Persistence is Priceless

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man,
But he is brave five minutes longer.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

People are happy when they see progress.

When they feel that tomorrow will be better than today.

The unfortunate part about plateaus is they are so often misinterpreted as the end of growth.

The deterioration of tomorrows. 

A lesser version of today.

The start of the end of happiness.

And they are where dreams so often die.

True belief is not believing when times are good;

true belief is having faith in the midst of despair.

The reward is in the struggle.

When asked why he was able to solve problems so adeptly, Albert Einstein replied,
“I just stay with problems longer than anyone.”

I’m sure Einstein faced many plateaus in his work, but what made Einstein, Einstein, was his ability to believe and persevere through the plateaus when others would have quit.

Perseverance is priceless.

It rewards those loyal to belief.

I have come to learn that one must use plateaus as a time to rededicate, re-commit and re-strategize. 

One is best served to use the temporary stoppage of growth as a pause; a time to get some fresh oxygen into your brain.

A performance plateau should be viewed as the end of the first act, not the end of the line.

A time to reignite belief, confidence and enthusiasm in order to start again with new data, a second time; a third time, or however many times it is necessary.

H.L.I.T. – However long it takes.

That is the only answer.

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