Today is my Birthday, But it is Not the Day I Became Alive

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The evidence suggests Johannes Vermeer’s
Daughter Maria
Was his likely model and a crucial part of his art
When he painted the iconic
Girl With a Pearl Earring  

Today is my birthday. 

I have been on this earth for 53 years.

19,356 days to be exact.

Of which, I have been truly alive for only 3,075 of those days.

I no longer look at my birthday as the point of reference as to when I truly became alive in the timeline of my life.

I now look at my Re-Birth Day as that exact point.

3,075 days ago I became a member of the “Life-Changing Events Club” and I was welcomed into the inner circle of life.

3,075 days ago was the day my daughter lost oxygen to her brain for six minutes.

I call that day my Re-Birth Day.

You would think I would refer to that day as the day I died.

But I don’t.

I refer to that day as the day of my Re-Birth.

The day I was turned.


The day I started becoming the best version of myself.

For it is the day as an adult that I woke up to what is truly important in life.

To appreciate the miraculous gift we have been given – life. 

That day I started to pull every ounce of invigoration out of life.

Each of my last 3,075 days on this earth has been super turbocharged.




Each day has been deeply branded into my soul to produce the person I am today.

The best version of myself that I have ever been.

I have been a Life-changing event club member for only 16% of my life.

I don’t remember what it is like to not be a club member anymore.

Although I would do anything to change the circumstances that made me a member, I would never renounce my membership.

By design or disaster, I would recommend you become a member.

Hopefully by design.

But even if by disaster, realize membership into this exclusive club is a gift.

And your present is a new perspective on life and it’s value.

Club members value and prioritize the human spirit and their number one priority is to rekindle it in others when they see it dwindling.

I beg of you, don’t ever let life erode your spirit and when you have the opportunity to revive it in others, do so. If you see something, say something. As the thing you might want to say to someone and don’t might be the exact thing they needed to hear and didn’t.

And please don’t wait for a life-changing event to become the best version of yourself.

Truly live.

Each day, be reborn anew.

Each day have your feelings magnified.

Each day have your memories burned into your soul.

Set out to improve the quality of other people’s lives and the universe will improve yours.

Do it now.  

By design.

So, live.




My only wish is that you and I magnify the human spirit in others and the reward we receive is to have our spirit renewed in return.

This is a priceless gift.

No treasure can compare to it.

I can’t wait to feel the intense magnification of life, to share it with you and to somehow, someway know when you need a rekindling of your human spirit.

As a club member, today may be my birthday, but more importantly, every new day has become my Re-birth Day.

I beg of you, don’t wait for disaster to strike to start to truly live.

By design or disaster.

Choose by design, it is much less painful.



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