6 Minutes Wrestling with Life - Memoir

John Passaro

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They call it "The Greatest Sport on Earth" for a reason.
It just took me 26 years to figure out why.

If you live long enough, life will throw you to your back.

And when it does, you're much better off if you've wrestled.

You learn later in life how vital the disciplines of wrestling are, especially against a seemingly insurmountable opponent in a disease or illness.

Twenty-six years ago, my goal and mission in life was to win a New York State Wrestling Championship.

I committed myself to a lifestyle and made sacrifices.

I put in the time. I had the hunger, the desire, and the determination, but I came up short.

For many years after I graduated it seemed like I got nothing out of my six years of total dedication to the sport; that the trade-off of what I gave and what I got in return to this sport was way out of whack.

I hated wrestling for it.

Until I had adversity in my life.

And slowly but surely, I started realizing how much the sport of wrestling has given back to me.

Much more than I ever knew.

"6 Minutes Wrestling with Life" is much more than a wrestling book.

It is a book on life, love, loss, and belief.

Get ready to laugh, cry, smile and think.

You will never look at life the same way again.


Paperback 269 pages


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