John Passaro

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Why Dominate?

We have all seen the contest where a person in a bank vault has a limited amount of time to grab as much money as possible.

If it were you, would you stop grabbing money after you had “just enough” in your hands?

Would you stop grabbing money when there were only 60 seconds left?

Would you ever be too tired to keep grabbing more money?

Obviously, not.


Because the reward of what that money can do for you overrides any of the reasons to stop.

A wrestling match is the same type of contest.

You need to have the same kind of mindset.

To a wrestler, points are money.

In each match, you have 360 seconds to score as many points as possible.

When the whistle blows, the allure of scoring points must override any and all obstacles.

Have a safe lead?

Need to score more points.

Have short time?

Need to score more points.

Have a fear of losing?

Need to score more points.

As like with the money grab, the only time you stop scoring points is when there is no time left in the contest.


"Dominate: Become A Point Scorer And Get The Little Voices To Talk"

is part of the "The WrestlingU Train Your Brain Series"

Each single captures the people and culture of the greatest sport on earth and is written true to length, ranging from 30-50 pages.

These singles are purposefully designed to be written short and concise.