Don't Cut Weight

John Passaro

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Today is Monday.
The day 98% of wrestlers are practicing to lose weight rather than practicing to get better.
That means only 2% of wrestlers today are practicing to get bigger, faster, and stronger.
If you went to practice today in shorts and a tee shirt -congratulations- you are part of the 2% and have made strides on your opponent before your next match has started.
Now, compound that 10x before the post-season - I wonder who will have the better immune system; I wonder who will have more wear and tear on their bodies and minds?
Remember, by definition, only a few can be great.
Being great means being part of the 2%.
Ask yourself, how many people stand atop the podium in the post-season?
I bet those that do come out of the 2% pool.
Shorts and a tee shirt.
Just practice to get better.
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