Wrestling Writing

John Passaro

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We spend 8 hours a day, for 10 months a year, for nearly 17 years, sending our kids to school to prepare them for life.

In all of that time, there is never a course on sacrifice, on goal setting, on perseverance, on overcoming adversity, on being a great teammate.

I guess that is what the sport of WRESTLING Is for.

One of the greatest assets in my life, other than my family and friends has been the sport of wrestling.

It has made me into the person I am today.

A person who can handle whatever adversity life throws at me.

The disciplines of wrestling are impactful on a young athlete’s life.

At first, one wrestles to win championships.

Then, after many years, one realizes it wasn’t the pursuit of championships what wrestling was all about – the sport of wrestling is about preparing one for life.

I owe a great deal to this sport, that is why I write about it passionately.

I have written about the sport in my memoirs, “6 Minutes Wrestling with Life,” “Again,” and “Your Soul Knows,” and I continue to write about it in my blog www.johnpassaroblog.com

This book is a collection of my writing on this great sport.

The book is designed to be read like each chapter is a short story, separate from one another. Chapters can be read in order or randomly, that is your preference. I felt it was necessary to compile all my writing of this great sport under one cover.

I hope you enjoy reading Wrestling Writing, as much as I have enjoyed living it.



Signed Paperback 246 Pages