Your Soul Knows - Memoir

John Passaro

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Every experience we go through in life is to prepare us for what is to come in our lives.

To teach us the life lessons we need so we can be best prepared to handle our ultimate test somewhere in the future.

I believe our lives are an accumulation of lessons that can only be learned by personal experience to be completely understood.

Reading a life lesson or someone lecturing you about one pales in comparison to experiencing it firsthand.

I believe that.

I believe the best way to teach someone something is to make that person think they are learning something else.

I believe the universe does that to us.

It takes us on goals and missions that we believe are the most important things to us at the time.

It does this to teach us lessons we need to experience and learn, so we can successfully execute them when our real mission in life finally confronts us.

I believe if you listen, your soul will whisper to you.

Trust it.

Act on it.


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Signed Paperback 165 pages